Not Quite Dead

Not Quite Dead

Hanging Sloth

As an A&E nurse, Alfie deals with horror everyday, but almost being killed by a walking corpse and being saved by a vampire takes things a bit far, even for him. The vampire is Casper, and he’s hundreds of years old, and Alfie can’t seem to leave him alone, despite both of their best efforts.

The more Alfie learns about Casper and his world, the more he finds himself inescapably drawn deeper into both. Despite Casper’s misgivings about his kind, the relationship between vampires and humans is more complicated than just predator and prey, and his own relationship with Casper is a heady, carnal blend of horror, hunger, love and lust.

Not Quite Dead is a (mostly) single narrator gory horror romance audio drama exploring themes of identity, sexuality and death. Totalling 40 episodes over 3 completed seasons, with S4 on the way in 2025.

This show is part of the Rusty Quill Network, and is created independently by Eira Major (AKA Hanging Sloth) who writes, sound designs, and performs as Alfie and Neige.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Aantal afleveringen: 49
  • Laatste aflevering: 2024-06-11
  • Fictie

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