The Elevated Life

The Elevated Life

Brittney + Chris Carmichael

Welcome to The Elevated Life® Podcast! We're Brit and Chris Carmichael. Throughout the 17 years we’ve been together, we’ve never ceased in our endless quest to better ourselves.

We’ve studied top experts, philosophers, and gurus. After years of personal self-experimentation, we’ve found the tools for shifting your beliefs, moving through fears, and developing a positive mindset that aligns with your authenticity, integrity, and soul purpose - regardless of your past.

If you’re ready for a breakthrough then you’re in the right place because we’re here to empower you to take control of your life with simple mindset shifts that create radical transformation.

We’ll be diving into topics like personal growth, health, philosophy, spirituality, relationships, success, and mindfulness. We don’t shy away from taboo topics like sex, hypnosis, meditation, and exploring altered states of consciousness.

Create some space for yourself and get comfy, it’s time to become the badass you were born to be.

Want to dive deeper? Join us inside of The Elevated Life Club for mindset upgrades, lifestyle hacks, and spiritual tools to elevate your soul. Access our vault of content including 60+ masterclasses, guidebooks, yoga practices, meditations, and badass bonuses! Think Netflix for the CEO soul. It's time to ELEVATE:

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