Better Call Daddy

Better Call Daddy

Reena Friedman Watts

Reena loves a story, and she‘s fascinated by the people behind them. She loves to bring stories to life. Her appetite for storytelling has taken her from the Jerry Springer Show to the legal drama of the courtroom. From influential players to reality stars, nothing is censored here. Reena interviews people whose stories haven‘t been told, at least not through her unique lens, and then gets daddy‘s advice afterward like a good daughter does.
Whether you have daddy issues or a father who‘s inspired your path, you will be able to tap into my daddy‘s wisdom, wit, and humor at the end of every episode. My daddy has been a guiding light my whole life and there‘s not much he doesn‘t know, as an entrepreneur for forty-plus years, a husband, a loyal son, and my number one supporter. He has learned lots of life lessons along the way and is here to share them with you. It‘s time to reminisce and reflect on the conversations you‘d like to have with your daddy and learn from mine. Come share in some good old-fashioned family bonding and help us up our wisdom rating. There is wisdom from four generations and I’m addressing what happens from childhood to adulthood!

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